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Amazon Fire Phone: What you need to know !

Amazon has unveiled its first smartphone today, the Fire Phone.

The Amazon Fire phone boasts a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, an Adreno 330 graphics processor, 2GB of RAM and runs on Amazon's custom version of Android, called Fire OS.

The Fire phone is exclusive to AT&T for now, which will exclude people outside of the United States. The 32GB version is available in the US on a two-year contract for $199.99 or outright for $649. The 64GB version is $299.99 on a contract or $749 outright.

Here's all the new features in the Amazon Fire Phone:

3D-like Dynamic Perspective sensor system

The Fire phone follows the location of your eyes and head numerous times per second, and adjusts the interface accordingly, giving perspective to the typical flat 2D images you see on a regular handset. This is done by four wide-angle view front cameras with infrared lights, so definitely the most innovative feature in Amazon's Fire handset. The invisible infrared illumination is combined with the gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor in a Dynamic Perspective sensor system. These can be used for touchless interface navigation, scrolling, or even gaming, too.

One of Amazon Fire's strongest features is Firefly, which lets you scan any product for more information. And like the popular Shazam app, Firefly scans audio from songs and TV shows.

During our testing, Firefly was able to identify that the Matrix was playing on the TV and that it was nearly 30 minutes into the film. It also offered up information about who was in the specific scene, using the X-Ray feature powered by Amazon-owned IMDb.

Firefly works with restaurant signs, phone numbers and food products. Thanks to a partnership with My Fitness Pal, I discovered that a box of Nilla Wafers has 120 calories in a serving-size of eight cookies.

When it comes to scanning music, Firefly not only detects a song and lets you buy the track from Amazon, you can also create a playlist around the song using iHeartRadio or buy upcoming concert tickets through StubHub.

Ultimately, with Firefly, Amazon is making it easy for people to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world.

Gesture interface
Tilt the phone to browse through pictures, tracks, menu options, or scroll in the browser - the Fire is the ultimate phone for all those football binge nights laced with KFC buckets and finger grease. The Dynamic Perspective sensor system can be used for touchless interface navigation and unique gaming perspective as well.

90-nits 4.7" IPS-LCD display
While the resolution leaves something to be desired at 720p, the 4.7" display seems to be given a great thought where it matters most - outdoor visibility. Besides a high 590 nits of peak brightness, it also has a circular polarizer layer built in, like Nokia's ClearBlack technology, which should mean great contrast and good visibility even under direct sunlight.

Premium design with metal elements
Aluminum buttons, injection-molded steel connectors, metallic accents, rubber frame and soft grip coating - the Amazon Fire phone might be bordering on the chubby side with its 9mm girth, but it's due to one solid and premium build.

3 MP OIS camera
Your attention might have been focused on the four infrared cameras at the front that make the Dynamic Perspective work, but on the back we have one inconspicuous 13 MP shooter with f/2.0 aperture and optically-stabilized lens, too.

Dual stereo speakers
Amazon was kind enough to add side-mounted stereo speakers on the Fire phone, making one of the only handful of devices sporting this feature.

Flat-cable magnetic earpods
Amazon ships in the Fire's box in-ear headphones with flat cables for tangle-free experience. The pods are magnetic, too, so the possibility for tying them in a knot decreases even further.

Free unlimited photo storage
Yep, Jeff Bezos ties you in with unlimited cloud storage for your photos on Amazon's world-class server farms, all for free. How cool is that?

Free Amazon Prime membership for a year
Those early adopters will be getting 12-months of the exclusive Amazon Prime service for free, including existing Prime customer, which will get a year more.

Using Nokia's HERE mapping solution for navigation, Amazon's Fire phone users might not be shedding tears after Google Maps after all, though the offline navigation p[tion will likely still be reserved for Microsoft phones only.

Amazon exclusive features
Simply hit the Mayday button in quick actions and an Amazon expert will appear to help you via live video. Our tech experts can co-pilot you through any feature by drawing on your screen, walking you through how to do something yourself, or doing it for you—whatever works best. Throughout the process, you’ll be able to see the Amazon expert live on your screen, but they won't see you.

In addition to Wi-Fi, Mayday is now available over the AT&T cellular network. Enjoy free, on-device tech support, 24x7, 365 days a year. Normal data charges apply when you are using Mayday over the cellular network. No waiting in line. No appointment required. The Mayday response time goal is 15 seconds or less.

In fact, Amazon has already started a collection of apps it thinks will be perfect for the Fire Phone, including popular titles and games. To get you started in the store, Amazon is also giving away 1,000 Amazon Coins (a $10 value) with the purchase of the phone, which you can redeem for apps, games, and in-app purchases.

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