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Amazon Fire Phone Landing to AT&T

Amazon's first smartphone - the Fire Phone, is now a reality. The Amazon Fire Phone is an AT&T exclusive and you can reserve the 32GB model for $199 (on contract) or $649 (off contract). Add $100 to both prices to preorder the 64GB version of the phone.
The Amazon Fire Phone will be released on July 25th and includes one-free year of Amazon Prime. That gives you the opportunity to pick from thousands of movies and television shows to stream over your new phone. You can choose from among one million tunes to listen to, or 500,000 books and newspapers to read.

The Amazon Fire Phone comes with Mayday, which gives you the ability to speak with a customer service rep via a video chat. The rep also will have the ability to take control of your device, to help answer any of your questions. Better have a Wi-Fi connection when you use Mayday, because the data you consume will count against your monthly data allowance.

To preorder your Amazon Fire Phone, click on the sourcelink below: