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New Australia PM Kevin Rudd Unveils His New Cabinet

On Monday, New Australia PM Kevin Rudd unveiled his new cabinet, 5 days after ousting Julia Gillard as Labor Party leader.

Announcing his new cabinet in Newcastle, Kevin Rudd has appointed six female members to his Cabinet making the total number of female Cabinet members to eleven, He acknowledged the challenges women in politics have to face.

He said that the core task of his new team will be to keep the country's economy strong. The government will seek to diversify the economy, boost manufacturing and productivity, and working with businesses and unions.

The cabinet contains a record number of women and many Rudd backers, replacing Gillard loyalists who stepped down after the leadership change. Kevin Rudd denied reports that he appointed more women to appease Labor party members.

He described Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong as highly intelligent people who will lead that team.

The foreign affairs, defence and home affairs ministers remained unchanged.
Deputy prime minister Anthony Albanese faces a heavy workload, retaining his infrastructure and transport portfolio, while taking on communications - including responsibility for the national broadband network.

Bill Shorten will retain the industrial relations brief but will also take on the school education portfolio.
Kevin Rudd recommended Quentin Bryce to become the first Australian female governor-general. He also appointed the first ambassador to look after the welfare of women and girls.

The new cabinet was sworn in on Monday and was to hold its first meeting shortly afterwards.