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Samsung My KNOX: a new app for the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has modified its business-to-business (B2B) Knox platform to 3 different versions, KNOX Express, and KNOX Premium, and My KNOX — with the new My Knox entry-level, personal version to be available for free on Google's app store.

KNOX Premium

KNOX Premium is your complete mobility management solution. It is comprised of KNOX Workspace, a secured container that keeps business data safe using multi-layered platform security featuring Secure Boot, Trusted Boot and TrustZone-based keystore/ Kernel Protection in Real Time, and SE for Android. And KNOX EMM, a comprehensive cloud-based management solution for easy deployment without the complexity or additional cost of managing devices with an on-premise infrastructure.

Additionally KNOX Premium includes the flexibility of add-ons, Active Directory integration, Mobile Application Management and so much more. With KNOX Premium we offer you the highest levels of multi-layered security that keep data secure including hardware-based attestation, Trustzone-based on-device encryption and common access card support. Additionally, key benefits of KNOX Premium include:
  • Low cost of just $1/license
  • Full support for cross-platform device policies
  • Support for flexible add-ons like the full KNOX Workspace and KNOX IAM
  • Online technical and phone ticket support

KNOX Express

KNOX Express allows you to easily secure your organization for free. Also comprised of KNOX Workspace and KNOX EMM, it has the very basic benefits compared to KNOX Premium but with less complexity. KNOX Express helps to solve common mobility adoption issues for SMBs, such as limited IT skills and integration of diverse devices. Additionally, key benefits of KNOX Express include:
  • It’s free!
  • Easy and simple management for IT managers via an online portal
  • Supported IT policies to manage Samsung Android devices, other Android devices and iOS devices.
  • Integration with KNOX Marketplace which provides one-click access to your favorite SaaS and mobile applications


Basically, My KNOX creates separate workspaces on your phone. On one side, you can have all of your personal data and photos, which will be inaccessible by your business IT support; and, on the other side, you'll have your work email, business apps, and other corporate data. Right now, My KNOX comes with email, calendar, contacts, and other apps that support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. There is also a My KNOX User Portal, which will allow you to remotely manage your device, or wipe it if need be.

As of now, the My KNOX app requires a Microsoft account, and only works on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Presumably, support will be expanded to other Samsung devices, but no timetable has been given on that.

How-to set-up Samsung My KNOX

  • Download the My KNOX app in Google PlayTM: