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Purchase The LG G3 With A New Line Of Service From Sprint and Get a $75 Amazon.com Gift Card

If you purchase LG G3 with a new line of service from Sprint, Amazon will give you $75 gift card.

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The LG G3 is a device that constantly learns and adapts to your ever-changing needs and interests, providing personalized suggestions that makes life easier and more productive. With contextual analysis, it helps you get organized, stay on task, keep in touch with friends, and won’t let you miss an important event.

The LG G3’s new 5.5" Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display transforms the smartphone visual experience at 4 times the resolution of HD. Stunning graphics and life-like colors seem to jump off the screen, showing imagery in its finest detail and clarity at 538 pixels per inch.


1. Gorgeous big screen.
2. Fast smooth performance.
3. MicroSD and removable battery.
4. Better looking user interface.
5. Nice camera.


1. Additions are mostly useless or inferior copies of others.
2. Still plastic exterior.
3. No waterproof.
4. No fingerprint sensor.


The phone is absolutely wonderful. In my opinion its probably the best android smartphone out there, with some of features offered by this phone only.It has a top notch camera (with laser), 4K video recording, Quad HD screen, removable battery, wireless charging, expandable storage -- all tightly built into a gorgeous package.If you buy this phone, you will be hard-pressed to find any faults. Highly recommended.

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