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New Nvidia Shield Tablet - The Ultimate Tablet For Gamers Coming July 29, 2014

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia just announced 2 new members of the SHIELD family, the SHIELD tablet and the SHIELD controller for gaming.

The Shield tablet enables users to play games in nearly any way possible.
The Nvidia Shield Tablet features 2GB of RAM, a 1920x1200 pixel display, a MicroSD slot for up to 128GB of storage expansion, a 5MP front-facing camera as well as a 5MP autofocus rear camera, a stylus based on Nvidia's DirectStylus 2 technology, front-facing stereo speakers, 10 hours of battery life for video playback and 3-5 hours for gaming, and a construction that company claims dissipates twice as much heat as its rivals during extended gaming sessions.

The Shield Tablet comes equipped with Nvidia's 32-bit Tegra K1 system on a chip, and not the flagship 64-bit version. However, the quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU and Kepler architecture graphics of the 32-bit Tegra K1 were used to great effect.

The Shield Tablet gets support for GameStream, which allows users to stream their full-fledged PC titles from their home gaming system over local Wi-Fi, as well as Nvidia Grid, which streams games over the cloud on-demand. It's also supports the console mode that Nvidia introduced on the Shield Portable, which allows you to turn your tablet into a home game console plugged into your TV using the including Mini HDMI 1.4a out port.

The US and Canada get the Shield Tablet first, with a 16GB Wi-Fi-only variant costing $299 in the States and a 32GB LTE model priced at $399. A UK and European launch will follow in August, with the tablet priced at £229. All regions will receive a free copy of Trine 2 at purchase.

To get the maxed-out Shield Tablet suite, Nvidia is also launching a separate controller for the tablet, which will retail at $59, and a cover with kickstand for $39. No discounted bundles will be available at launch.

  • 8 inch Display (1920x1200)
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.2 GHz Processor
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 2 GB RAM Memory
  • Android Kit Kat 4.4