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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is already outselling previous models...!

When Microsoft announced its quarterly earnings yesterday, Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood mentioned that sales of the company's 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet are "outpacing earlier versions of Surface Pro" but did not offer any specific numbers.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a major departure from earlier versions of the Pro: It boasts a bigger 12-inch display but is lighter and thinner while maintaining the same price range.
She mentions that the Surface division alone brought the company $409 million in revenue. Hood was sadly not specific on sales figures.

But, she did say that, "While it's still early, sales are outpacing earlier versions of Surface Pro." This is definitely good news for Microsoft, although, to be fair, selling better than the first generation Surface tablet wasn't the most difficult of tasks. Still, it is an upward trend for Microsoft, which started slowly with the original Surface Pro (and bombed with the first Surface RT), got better with the Surface Pro 2, and has garnered quite a lot of positive buzz (and obviously sales) with the Surface Pro 3.

Hood also mentioned the cancellation of another Surface product during her remarks Tuesday, stating, "During the quarter, we reassessed our product roadmap and decided not to ship a new form factor that was under development."

It's almost certain that product was the Surface mini, the smaller tablet that was actually mentioned by name as part of the Surface Pro 3's official user manual.

Source: C-Net.com