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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 : the tablet that can replace laptop!

On Tuesday, Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft says the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet can replace your laptop.

With the third generation of the device, which runs a full version of Windows, Microsoft has addressed many of the concerns that plagued earlier models. The tablet is larger, but actually lighter than the Surface Pro 2, and it has a smoother, sleeker design.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is roughly the thickness of the iPad 2 - though it's 18% thicker than the iPad Air.
Throughout the Surface Pro 3 presentation, Microsoft took the time to compare its newest device against Apple's iconic portable computer.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will go on sale in Australia in August from $979 for a model with a 64-gigabyte hard drive and Intel Core i3 processor. There are several iterations of the device available, ranging up to $2279 for a 512-gigabyte model with a faster Core i7 processor. The tablet is available this week in the United States from $US799.