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LG G3 : Full Review

The LG G3 is fantastic! It is speedy, light, comfortable, large, and lasts forever!

In my opinion its probably the best android smartphone out there, with some of features offered by this phone only.It has a top notch camera (with laser), 4K video recording, Quad HD screen, removable battery, wireless charging, expandable storage -- all tightly built into a gorgeous package.
Now, with a larger, clearer display, a laser-precise camera and superior smart interactivity, we can confidently call the G3 the best smartphone that LG has ever made.

The LG G3’s new 5.5" Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display transforms the smartphone visual experience at 4 times the resolution of HD. Stunning graphics and life-like colors seem to jump off the screen, showing imagery in its finest detail and clarity at 538 pixels per inch.

The screen size is absolutely awesome. Coming from the HTC One M8, the G3 has a smaller form factor (due to the M8 having the amazing front facing speakers) but a larger screen. It's a little smaller, and a lot wider. I had issues holding the phone (M8) with one hand, and I'm not a small guy (6'1", large hands) yet, I have no problem using the G3 with one hand even though it's wider than the M8. The only thing I can say about the screen is that it might be a gimmick that was brought on too quickly.

Like Samsung's Galaxy S5, the LG G3 offers split-screen multitasking. But whereas the Galaxy S5 features 25 Multi Window apps, the G3 supplies only 11 so-called Dual Window apps, including Browser, Messaging, Email, Chrome, Maps and Gmail. Missing from that list are Facebook and Twitter, two apps you can multitask with on the Galaxy S5.

The LG G3 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and up to 32GB of onboard storage. In everyday use, we found the device to be on a par with the Galaxy S5.

Opening the camera app was about half a second faster on the G3. With Chrome open, switching orientations from landscape to portrait mode was mixed. However, exiting from Chrome to the home screen was a hair faster on the S5, as was launching Google Now.

One of the G3's killer features is its new camera. The G3 uses the light beam to quickly measure the distance between the phone and your subject, ensuring you can capture photos faster than standard smartphone cameras. And it works surprisingly well.

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