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Samsung BD-F5900 - Smart 3D Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player (Inc. Samsung Disc Player Comparison Chart)

Samsung is one of the world’s biggest and famous companies that has produced players that have typically been very good. Among all the models, Samsung BD-F5900 are very popular with the people.

The Samsung BD-F5900 is one of the recently introduced Blu-ray players in the market and it has got some exclusive features. It's offers a wealth of features and incredibly speedy performance; suite of apps is very good and the interface is easy to use; image quality is as good if not better than that of similarly priced players.

This Blu-Ray player has a small footprint, great picture quality and 3D experience, picture quality is very good and the interface is uncluttered and easy to use. Whether you are viewing a premium-quality 2D picture or seeing incredible 3D depth, images are breathtakingly real in Samsung Full HD. Combine with a 3D TV and 3D active shutter glasses to view the latest Hollywood 3D titles. 3D TV, Active glasses and content required.
Another important feature of this model of Samsung is the presence of WI-FI and The WI-FI connection ensures the transfer of data through the internet will the nearby WI-FI connected device.

The Samsung BD-F5900 also is fast with online content, providing one of the better experiences on a Blu-ray player.

To build a complete 3D home theater system, we recommend you purchase a 3D TV, 3D glasses designed for the TV, high-speed HDMI cable and an A/V receiver that is compatible with 3D products.

Comparison Chart:
4K Upscaling
Smart Blu-ray5 Content Partners*3 Content Partners**
Full Web Browser
Built-in Wi-Fi
7.1 Analog Outputs

Quick Start Mode

*Five content partners: Netflix, CinemaNow, Youtube, Vudu, and Pandora.
**Three content partners: Netflix, Pandora, and Youtube