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Allen Iverson announced his retirement from basketball

Allen Iverson, who became one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, announced his retirement from basketball Wednesday at a press conference in Philadelphia.

"I’m formally announcing my retirement from basketball," Iverson said, flanked by his children and manager. "You know, I thought once this day came it would be basically a tragic day. … I promise you it is a happy day for me. I really thought this day would be a tough day for me, but it’s a happy day."

Allen Iverson played 15 professional seasons in the NBA. He hasn't played in the NBA since Feb. 2010 and had a brief stint in Turkey. He spent time with the 76ers, Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies before officially finishing his career in Philadelphia.

Known not just as one of the game's greatest scorers, but also for reshaping the culture of the NBA, Iverson acknowledged his influence.
In a speech thanked his family, coaches, and teammates, and offered reflections on his impact on the game and culture.

"I took an asskicking for me being me in my career, for me looking the way I looked and dressing the way I dressed," Iverson said, playfully covering his daughter’s ears. "My whole thing was just being me. Now, you look around the NBA and all of them have tattoos, guys wearing corn rows. You used to think the suspect was the guy with the corn rows, now you see the police officers with the corn rows."

Allen Iverson won the MVP in 2001 and led the 76ers to a Finals appearance that season where they lost to the Lakers in 5 games.

More than 3 years removed from his last appearance in an NBA game, The 38-year-old Iverson, concluded his speech by admitting that his fire to compete at the professional level is finally extinguished.

"I gave everything I had to basketball and the passion is still there, the desire to play is just not," he said. "I just feel good that I’m happy with the decision I’m making. It was a great ride."

Source: http://www.cbssports.com