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Miley Cyrus was pregnant with rapper Juicy J ?

Miley Cyrus was pregnant with rapper Juicy J ?

Just days after the couple split, the gossip site CreamBMP.com wrote that she said she was expecting a child and the father was the rapper at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Altanta.

Already, Twitter rumour hounds are speculating that Miley Cyrus is pregnant by rapper Juicy J.

And trends shows “Miley Cyrus pregnant” as its No. 1 search term for Monday, September 30, with more than 50.000 searches. Here’s why.

As the International Business Times reports, Twitter was on fire Sunday night with the rumor of Miley Cyrus’s pregnancy at the hands of rapper Juicy J. IBT identified a post on CreamBMP.com as the source of the rumor. The post, which bears the headline “**BREAKING** Miley Cyrus Announces Pregnancy By Rapper Juicy J On Stage At Bet Hip Hop Awards,” features a picture of the two together and alleged quotes from J and Miley’s father, Bill Ray.
Source: www.inquisitr.com
Is Miley Cyrus pregnant?

CreamBMP.com are the only gossip site carrying the story, further claiming that Miley’s father Billy Ray was heartbroken.

Hollywoodlife sources reported that then relationships was just big rumor and that the two were merely friends, "It's easy to understand why people could jump to conclusions about her and Mike, there have even been times when Liam's questioned her about it," the source added, "But Miley isn't hooking up with Mike."

According to OK! magazine, Hemsworth wanted to end things with her last year, but a positive pregnancy test made him change his mind. According to Gossip Cop, Miley Cyrus wanted to go public with the news, but Hemsworth wasn’t keen.

In other words, Miley Cyrus is not pregnant with rapper Juicy J’s child