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HTC Scribble is available on the Google Play Store right now for free

HTC has released HTC Scribble for the HTC One M8 in the Google Play Store.

Scribble was originally available on last years HTC One Max.

This app allows you to create a "to-do list," although whether or not you really get around to doing all of those projects is your responsibility. The app will work with a stylus pen made for a capacitive screen. Or, you can use your finger to write and draw with.

Want to make a page for your digital scrapbook or create interesting photos to share on your blog or social network? With ready-to-use templates in Scribble, you can get artistic and combine photos, text, and illustrations in a note. Your note can even display a bit of life when you include an animated gif. You can also add HTC Zoe photos.

This way, when the person who is supposed to receive your homemade greeting is celebrating his birthday, you can be reminded and send out your card with a few taps.

You can also take care of important stuff such as creating a list or tracking a budget.
By using a capacitive stylus pen (sold separately), you can refine illustrations or write in your own handwriting.
HTC Scribble