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Sony's PlayStation Network is down after Attack

PlayStation Network was unavailable Sunday morning due to a denial-of-service, commonly referred to as DDoS, attack.

Sony President of Online Entertainment John Smedley confirmed the attack via Twitter. The official PlayStation Twitter feed also tweeted out they were aware of the issue and were working to get things up and running.

The network was partially restored for some users by 2:30AM, with services like video services available for streaming. However, when trying to access the PlayStation Store, a message read that it is currently undergoing maintenance.

Sony previously announced that the PlayStation Network will be down tomorrow for scheduled maintenance.

It’s unclear right now whether the maintenance has started earlier than expected.

This article originally appeared on IGN .

Update from engadget:
This may be a larger incident than it seemed to be at first glance. Lizard Squad now hints that it's targeting Xbox Live's login servers; sure enough, Microsoft is reporting "limited" sign-in functionality on the Xbox status page. 

We've reached out to verify whether or not Microsoft is a victim. To top it all off, Gameinformer has confirmed that the FBI is investigating the attackers' apparently successful attempt to divert Smedley's flight with a fake bomb threat.