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Rush Limbaugh Clarifies His Remarks About Robin Williams' Death Mediaite - ‎6 hours ago‎

On his Wednesday show, Rush Limbaugh clarified his controversial remarks on Robin Williams’s death. He claimed that he never said Williams killed himself because of his political views, and that his comments were "misquoted, purposely taken out of context" by the liberal media.
Limbaugh said his comments were in the context of analyzing media coverage of Williams’ suicide, not the suicide itself.

Limbaugh insisted he was expressing a serious concern that the media’s "irresponsible" coverage would lead to copycat suicides. Yesterday, Limbaugh had said that liberals are "never happy" and Williams’ tragic death "fits a certain picture… that the left has" about success in the United States.

He said he was actually criticizing the media's coverage of Williams' death. "I don't presume to know why Robin Williams committed suicide," he said. "I didn't know yesterday, and I don't know today."

"They are the ones trying to tell us why," he continued, criticizing the liberal media. "They are the ones trying to explain it. They are the ones justifying it. They are the ones glorifying it."