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Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym Married in Secret Wedding

"Chuck" star Zachary Levi married his girlfriend, "Rookie Blue" actress Missy Peregrym in a secret Hawaiian wedding on Saturday.

Missy Peregrym and Zachary Levi revealed on their Twitter accounts that not only have they been secretly dating, they recently became husband and wife over the weekend in a discreet ceremony in Maui, Hawaii.
On Monday night, Peregrym, 32, posted a Tweet showing her and Levi, 33, wearing matching hoodies emblazoned with the words "MR" and "MRS." The two drew the hoodies over their eyes, but the duds could barely conceal her beaming smile and his knowing smirk.

Posting an adorable photo of the pair in matching "Mr." and "Mrs." hoodies, Peregrym tweeted:

"That coffee date was UNREAL," Peregrym wrote Monday, posting a photo of her and Levi wearing "Mr." and "Mrs." Hoodies. She tagged the photo "#marriedinMaui."

With Levi retweeting the photo less than 10 minutes later, of course, adding his own little spin:

"These dreams and goals are really workin out," he wrote.

Congrats to the happy couple!