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May the Fourth Be With You: It's Star Wars Day

May the 4th (a date chosen because it is reminiscent of the iconic line, "may the fourth be with you") marks the International Star Wars Day — Fans of the sci-fi franchise are celebrating Star Wars Day.

Star Wars Day is also being commemorated by businesses offering deals – discounts on videos, comics, and other merchandise, from backpacks to Vans sneakers. You can find a list of the deals here.

At Amazon, They're big fans of the Star Wars saga and all that it entails - They even celebrate May the Fourth, also known as International Star Wars Day. 

Here you'll find everything that gives a Jedi his or her power, whether it's Star Wars movies on DVD or Blu-ray, Star Wars toys, games, or books. Whether you insist that only the original three movies count or you're an ardent fan of Jar Jar and Darth Maul, you'll find what you need to defeat the Empire right here. (Except for the power converters - you'll only find those at Tosche Station.)