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V-moda XS on-ear headphones - I absolutely LOVE these!!!

V-moda has released a number of great headphones that offer the company’s "modern audiophile". Tuned and trusted by V-MODA's golden ears, editors, audiophiles, producers and DJs on the forums and around the globe.

Their M-Class series has won a record 20 Editors’ Choice Awards and are voted #1 by the world's top DJs. V-moda’s new XS on-ear headphone is one of those special products.

The V-moda XS on-ear headphones is small and elegant ,yet the sound is amazing. As a jet setter passionated about fashion it is all about style,but still bringing accessories that are comfortable and easy to put in my bag. These headphones are so good to wear; You can keep them on my head or around your neck for hours without feeling pain . Beside they are small enough to easily fit them in any purse and even some of your jacket pockets.

The V-moda XS includes a cloth-covered, Kevlar-reinforced, 4.5-foot headphone cable with inline remote and microphone modules. The V-moda XS is available in matte black or white/silver. As with V-moda’s other full-size headphones, the metal "shields" on each earpiece are interchangeable and customizable

The V-moda XS better than the P5 in many ways. The XS folds up into a more-compact travel configuration; it feels more rugged; and though the P5 has a smoother overall sound and better isolation, the XS is a bit more, well, fun to listen to thanks to better top-end detail and that extra kick at the low end.

If you’re looking for a great headphone—great sound, great looks, and great fit—the V-moda XS is tough to beat among on-ear models. you can order your own shields with laser-engraved text or logos.