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Kyle Massey Dying of Cancer is Hoax..!

Kyle Massey was quickly trending on Twitter and the news spread like wildfire. But not good news...!

Kyle Massey has cancer....! This rumors had also made people believe that he was in such last stage of cancer, that his end was very near.

Kyle Massey - The 21-year-old former Disney Channel star and Dancing with the Stars contestant, is not dying of cancer. He is doing just fine.

Although "Kyle Massey Dying of Cancer rumors" on twitter spreading like wildfire, Kyle Massey is not dying of cancer.


If you search through Massey's Facebook page, you won't find any posts about cancer from him -- but you will see several people's comments dating back to May of this year wishing him well and sending him prayers.

He tells ET Online in a lengthy statement, "Over night it was trending on Twitter that I am dying of cancer. I want to say first, 'I do not have cancer,' and I don't know where this inconsiderate and insensitive rumor originated from. Cancer is a disease that is very personal to me and my family. I have had 2 uncles and a very dear friend who passed away in the last two years from cancer and my Granddad currently has prostate cancer and my Grandmother is currently in a nursing home because of Alzheimer's Disease...So, making light of any illnesses that a person has no control over getting is not something to joke about or make light of!
"My team and I are making every attempt to find out the original source of this story because it's just not cool.

"I support Children's Hospital of Los Angeles through Disney Channel and Britti Cares International in support of children with various diseases and illnesses and donate my time with pride and dignity.

"This hoax is just plain classless! Especially in light of the various tragedies happening this weekend and the Trayvon Martin verdict."

The good news is, this story is untrue.