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Huntington Beach Riot: 7 People were Arested

A riots occurred following the close of the Van's U.S. Open of Surfing Sunday evening in Huntington Beach, starting fights and vandalizing Main Street.
While it is unclear what precipitated the violence, the violent behavior erupted around 7 p.m. at Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway near the Huntington Beach Pier. Officers were trying to disperse crowds after the end of the event.

Numerous witnesses caught the mayhem on cellphone camera and took to social media to share photos and videos. Footage shows individuals knocking over portable toilets, jumping on the fallen porta-potties, kicking newspaper stands, yanking at least one street sign from its post and smashing the front window of at least one Main Street shop.

Police said, about 9:30 p.m., police had finally gained control of the crowd. Several officers were injured, but none seriously.

On Monday police confirmed that nine people had been taken into custody, but only seven had been arrested.

  1. Michael John Lytle – Anaheim 30 years old – disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
  2. Andres Gomez – Huntington Beach 24 years old – refusal to disperse and resisting arrest
  3. Michael Anthony Avila – Santa Ana 28 years old – resisting or delaying a police officer
  4. Joseph Minterrosa – Ontario 28 years old – disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
  5. Adam A Cecot – Irvine 18 years old – refusal to disperse/unlawful assembly
  6. Chase Scott Christian – Simi Valley 19 years old – vandalism (over $400), urge destruction of property, refusal to disperse/unlawful assembly
  7. Kyle Roger Crott – Riverside 18 years old – assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, resisting arrest
Police are searching for additional suspects, and photos and video of the rioting should greatly aid investigators in their search. Anyone with information should call the Huntington Beach Police Department Hotline at (714) 375-5066.

Police were asking anyone who may have pictures or video of the chaos to turn it in to authorities they can track down those responsible.