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Ford F-Series Leads Vehicle Sales

In US, Ford’s market share is growing at a faster rate than its competitors for the month of June 2013, increased 13% from last year, boosted by sales growth across its vehicle types, particularly cars and trucks. This is Ford's best June sales results since 2006.

Ford F-Series helps tow Ford to best June sales since 2006.

For June 2013, the Ford F-Series sold a total of 68,009 units, It was the 23rd-consecutive monthly sales increase and F-Series' best June sales, and Chevrolet Silverado sold 43,259 units in June.

Despite a slight drop in sales last month, the Toyota Camry finished third and led all midsize sedans with 35,870 units sold, while the Chevrolet Cruze surprised everyone by becoming the best-selling compact in America for last month with 32,871 units sold.

Speaking of the Civic, Honda’s own compact was sixth with 29,724 units sold, right behind the Honda Accord, which sold 31,677 units in June.
The Ram pickup was seventh with 29,644, followed by best-selling crossover Ford Escape at eighth with 29,644 units, and the Nissan Altima at ninth wth 26,904 units.

The Honda CR-V was the second-hottest crossover and the tenth best-selling vehicle with a total of 26,572 units moved off dealerships last month.

Year-to-date statistics show the Ford F-Series comfortably on top with 367,468 units sold, followed by the Chevrolet Silverado (242,586) and the Toyota Camry (207,626).

Ford's Sales Report: 

Top 5 Ford models by units sold in June (2013 sales):
  1. Ford F-Series- 68,009 units (367,486 units)
  2. Ford Escape- 28,694 units (156,626 units)
  3. Ford Fusion- 24,313 units (161,146 units)
  4. Ford Focus- 23,144 units (134,785 units)
  5. Ford Explorer- 15,588 units (95,302 units)

Top 5 Ford models by year-over-year sales in June (monthly units sold):
  1. Ford Fiesta- 104% (9,363 units)
  2. Police Interceptor Utility- 67.3% (1,009 units)
  3. Ford Edge- 32.4% (13,579 units)
  4. Ford Transit Connect- 31.2% (3,532 units)
  5. Ford Heavy trucks- 30.8% (726 units)
Here’s a major automakers performed in June 2013 compared to last year:
  • Toyota and Honda sales jumped 10%.
  • Volkswagen declined 3%.
  • Hyundai's sales were up 2%.
  • Kia declined 1.5%.
  • Nissan sales increased 13%.