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Police are inquiring into reports that Nigella Lawson 'choked by husband' in restaurant

Glamorous TV cook Nigella Lawson looks stunned to be ­attacked in public by husband, art and advertising magnate Charles Saatchi. The couple were sitting outside Scott’s in Mayfair, central London, when he appeared to lean over and grab her by the throat.

The incident apparently happened a week ago.

The Mirror's Sunday paper, the Sunday People, show Lawson, 53, at a table enshrouded in greenery outside a restaurant with a man who appears to be Saatchi, 70. In the pictures, his hand is at her throat as she appears to be stunned by his grasp.

In another picture, the man is grabbing at Lawson's nose as she shuts her eyes.

Millionaire art collector Saatchi was pictured grabbing his wife as they had a meal at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair, Central London. He had already reduced to tears with a tirade of angry words, witnesses said.

At first, he held Nigella’s neck with one hand, as she appeared to be holding his other hand away from her body and answering back during the exchange.

He then tweaked her nose before grabbing her neck again, this time she looked more frightened. Saatchi then squeezed her neck with his left hand, Nigella closed her eyes and appeared to be in pain.

The fourth time he put both hands around her neck.

She was by now looking “powerless and ­petrified”.

No other customers ­intervened.

Saatchi stormed off to a waiting car before a sobbing Nigella downed a glass of red wine and also fled the restaurant.

An onlooker said Saatchi had gripped Lawson first with his left hand, then both, and that by the end of the meal, despite kissing him on the cheek at one point, she left the restaurant in tears. "It was utterly shocking to watch," the source said.

According to The Telegraph , a Scotland Yard spokesman said officers from the Community Safety Unit at Westminster were aware of the article, adding: "Enquires are in hand to establish the facts of the incident" after television chef Nigella Lawson was apparently assaulted by her husband during a violent row at a restaurant.

Fans of Nigella Lawson have reacted with fury, following the publication of photos showing her husband Charles Saatchi with his hands around her neck, during what is reported to be a public row between the couple.