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Bugatti Veyron Grand Finale is Coming

Before the Veyron replacement arrives, Bugatti is apparently working on a grand finale that will see the hypercar's top speed increased to 280 mph.

A Bugatti Veyron Grand Finale is reportedly due to launch early next year, if a recent report proves accurate. As it turns out, Bugatti is also in absolutely no rush to get the model production ready, but patience will once again have its virtue as sources claim the car will be "fantasy in terms of its performance." Starting off with the performance specs and technology from the current ultimate Veyron, the Super Sport, Bugatti will introduce more weight saving technologies, specifically carbon fiber, in an effort to shave off around 440 lbs.

Also expect to see a significant power increase over the Super Sport’s 1,184 hp. The quad turbo W16 engine is apparently capable of an output higher than 1,500 hp by increasing its capacity. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear Bugatti has any intention of using an electric boost system. The new Veyron’s top speed will likely be in the neighborhood of 280 mph while the Super Sport maxes out at 267.82 mph. However, that new top speed will be possible only if the necessary tire technology is available.

However there are some issues that still need to be resolved, such as tires. Tire technology should really be tested in order to support the resulting speed of this car.

Reported Carbuzz, Monday (24/06/2013), only the upper-class conglomerate that can make this car one of the occupants of their garage, priced Grand Finale reach $7.7 million.